An open book with a wooden stick lying across the pages

I wouldn’t call myself a voracious reader of books, but I do like to read. I’ve been using BookWyrm lately, to track my reading and what I want to read.

It’s a social site that supports ActivityPub and centers on reading and books. This means other sites (like, for example, Mastodon) can interact with content on BookWyrm. Yes, you can follow my BookWyrm -account from your Mastodon -account, which is neat. For me it replaces GoodReads, which I don’t quite trust.

You can sign up to an instance and start tracking your reading progress and goals, and write book-reviews and comments.

Quite nice, I like it, I only wish there was a “Norwegian” -instance. I don’t read a lot of Norwegian books, but some and they are probably irrelevant to people of other languages.

But I’m not going to set one up myself, am I?